Tuesday, July 9, 2013

it's stake, not cross

we make a grave error in ascribing the meaning "cross" to the koine greek word "stauros." stauros means an upright stake, as used in impaling a victim, or in nailing/tying a victim to a stake with nail(s) through the hands on upstretched arms (or hands tied with rope), and nail(s) through the feet (or feet tied with a rope). in the Gospel of Matthew, Yeshua told his disciples (and others listening) to deny themselves, and pick up their stakes daily if they are to follow Him. stake is commonly translated as cross, from the latin crux, not stake, or stauros, as it should be. the "cross" as used by constantine (who may or may not have been an actual believer) is the chaldean cross, representing the pagan sun god. we fundamentalist protestant believers are not reformed if we accept the roman version of the "cross," as we accept so many other roman inventions of syncretism, such as "christmas" and the gag-inducing "easter."

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